Dog Grooming

Your one stop convenience for all pet grooming in a clean & stress-free environment for your pet.


Our Plans & Pricing

Basic Grooming

Basic Dog Grooming Package
$ 50 – 120 Price Ranges Depends on Size
  • Shaving of Paw Pads
  • Plunking of Inner Ear Fur
  • Shaving of Anal Fur
  • Shaving of the Underbelly
  • Nail Cutting & Filling
  • Expressing of Anal Glands
  • Flushing & Cleaning of Ears
  • Eye & Paw Trimming Only
  • Bubbly Shower

Full Grooming

Full Dog Grooming Package
$ 50 – 70 Monthly
  • Includes Everything from Basic Grooming
  • Different Types of Cutting Styles Includes
  • Full Shave Down
  • Full Scissors & Trimming
  • Teddy Bear Cut
  • Puppy Cut
  • Show Dog Clippers
  • Owner's Special Request Cut or Shave
$50 – $60
$80 – $100


$60 – $70
$90 – $110
$70 – $80
$100 – $130
$80 – $90
$120 – $150


$100 – $120
$160 – $190


$120 – $150
$200 – $300


Why is Dental Care Important for Pets?

Proper dental care will help keep your pet from developing a wide variety of dental health issues, such as periodontal disease, which is caused by the build-up of bacteria in the mouth…

…These bacteria form a film over the teeth called plaque. As the bacteria die, they can become calcified by the calcium in your pet’s saliva. The calcified plaque is called tartar, and it can eventually lead to gingivitis, which can lead to an infection in the root of the tooth. In the late stages of periodontal disease, the tissues around the tooth are destroyed, and the socket that holds the tooth in place erodes, which makes the tooth loose.


Non-Anesthetic Dental Pet Teeth Cleaning Service

General anaesthetic has it’s own risk involved. At Big Paws Small Paws, we provide at affordable rate yet effective!

Using our Ultrasonic Cleaning Device and we can effectively remove plaque on the teeth and other impurities at our best.

It has to be accompanied together with:

  • 1 x Toothbrushing session

Safety comes first. At any time during the dental scaling session, your pet safety is our top priority.

Our team will stop the service at any point when your pet may fell uncomfortable, unusual behavioiur that can put the pet at risk. In such cases, we might request to split the sessions.

Please kindly inform us if your dog has a biting or aggression issue before the service as our priority is both pet & groomers safety.

We reserve all rights to decline on the service request after we access the pet temperament and feel that the pet gets aggressive or not suitable.


For severely matted furs (if you opt not to shave down)

Dematting is an add-on service and will be capped as a 2-hour service at $100 per session.

Photos & videos of the grooming process will be taken for you to understand more about your pet.

Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve all rights to reject your pet for this service if the team finds that it is unethical and/or your pet’s coat condition is extremely severe and too near to their skin.
  2. As this is an add-on service, it has to be accompanied by a minimum of 1 grooming service eg. Bath & Blow | Basic Groom | Full Groom.
  3. The maximum duration for this add-on service is 2 hours per session.
  4. You will be required to return within 2 weeks if additional de-matting service is required.
    • You will be required to return within 2 weeks if additional de-matting service is required.
    • Your dog will be in pain if the session exceeds 2 hours, hence another session will be necessary.
    • If you require another session, it is not advisable to shower your pet as it will worsen the condition of your pet’s coat if not maintained professionally.