Your one stop convenience for all pet grooming in a clean & stress-free environment for your pet.


We Provide Best Grooming Services For Your Pets


Dog Grooming

Our professional groomers, well-versed in the unique grooming needs of all dog breeds, provide thorough baths, precise cuts, and gentle nail trims.


Cat Grooming

Expertly trained to handle your feline friend with the utmost care, offering services such as gentle brush-outs, safe mat removal, and nail trims.

bpsp icon rabbit 01

Rabbit Grooming

Our rabbit grooming service provides the gentle care your bunnies need, from nail trims to safe fur brushing.

bpsp guinea pig

Guinea Pig Grooming

Our specialized guinea pig grooming services, such as safe coat trims, gentle brushings, and tidy-ups include maintaining their unique hair type and length.


Special Pet Care Services

bpsp spa services

Spa Services

Pet spa services are designed to provide a luxurious Ayuverdic retreat for your furry companion.


Colouring & Dye Services

Pet-friendly, non-toxic dyes to give your pet’s fur a fun makeover that stands out in the crowd


Pet Sitting

Professional pet sitting service provides attentive care in a safe, nurturing environment.


Pet Transport

Our experienced pet transport handlers take great care to reduce any stress for your pet.


We Love Pets and Care For Them


Maintain Their Daily Routine

During our care, your pet will maintain its daily eating routine just like how it is at their homes.


Gives Pets 1-to-1 Attention

All pets during our care, are given 1 to 1 attention to ensure all their needs are met and remain stress-free


Safe Environment for All Your Pets

We provide a safe environment for pets that both like to mingle and also for the ones who like to be undisturbed.


Calm & Entertained

Pets toys are readily available for pets to remain joyful and entertained while they are in our care.

Full Range
Pet Grooming Services


What Our Client’s Have to Say!

Big Paws Small Paws constantly goes above and above for our clients. It brightens our day to see pleased clients and their four-legged companions. Thank you for supporting us!

Jovita Ko
Jovita Ko
We are lucky to meet these amazing groomers who are very supportive and patient to us as a new pawrent and Faye - our newly adopted community cat who has her very first grooming experience. We feel secured and comfortable throughout the process, pawrents not only can see clearly the whole grooming process from the reception area but also groomers keep us updated each step with videos and pictures. Love their idea of taking nice photos for their furry clients after grooming. The shop is clean and comfortable. Highly recommend to everyone one.
Angie Ng
Angie Ng
super patient groomers and amazing service!!! my doggo has always been pretty aggressive during nail-cutting, but the groomers at BPSP were so encouraging during the session ☺️ so thankful 🙏🏼 10/10 recommended 🫶🏻
Eva Wong
Eva Wong
Owners of dangerous breeds dogs will know how tricky it can be to engage groomers who are willing to take them in. With Big Paqs Small Paws, they're genuinely caring towards their clients, I did constant videos and photos update of Marci's progress, as it was her first visit with them. They understood that her pet peeve is nail trimming and they did an absolutely fantastic job in assuring Marci that all is good and her nails were perfectly trimmed & filed. The shop was kept clean, no fly around fur, smells wonderful, has a happy vibe too. So happy to find this grooming place and we are definitely going to be a regular. Thanks BPSP Team for being such a professional!
Fredy Chandra
Fredy Chandra
Fabulous!! Very good grooming for your pets!!
Debra Tay
Debra Tay
Fantastic service with constant updates on the grooming progress of my small pets. Not sure if I get her name right.. Peggy was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend this groomer and do remember to sign up the credit package for your pets.. a happy customer..
James Huang
James Huang
Overall, it was a good experience. The groomer was knowledgeable and able to share with us all the facts and information for our dog.
Chua Clara
Chua Clara
Brought my cat down to try the grooming session. All went well, detailed & friendly groomer. Will definitely come back again!
weiling potato
weiling potato
Sent my pups over for their grooming + spa, they came back clean and extremely nice smelling. Would definitely recommend all pet owners to try out their services as i’m definitely gonna be a regular from now on!
Kellyn Lim
Kellyn Lim
Clean place and friendly groomers. Knowledgeable too. Second time sending my dogs there for grooming. Have also sign up for their membership 👍
Olivia Ng
Olivia Ng
Lovely experience, groomers took the time to understand any preferences in cut style we had and also constantly updated over WhatsApp (with videos) on the grooming process after knowing it’s the first groom for our dog. Love the new refreshed look of our pup!